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Xenxo wins Award by CIMSME

Jun 27, 2018
Industry 4.0 Smart Wearables Solution Award, 2018

Xenxo feels much delighted to be the winner of Industry 4.0 Smart Wearables Solution Award 2018 for its successful design, manufacturing and Global Marketing of Smart wearable devices. Confederation of Indian Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (CIMSME) on the day of World MSME conducted an Award ceremony with a theme “How small Business creates a Big Impact?”.

CIMSME invited Mr Charles Li, the Director-General of Taipei Economic and Cultural Centre in Chennai, and Mr. Muzaffar Shah Hanafi, Consul (Trade), Consulate General of Malaysia, to witness the ceremony on the morning of Wednesday, June 27, 2018. Under the guidance of the New Southbound Policy, Director-General Li and Consul Muzaffar were present to foster closer collaborations between the MSMEs in India with Taiwan & Malaysia. After the auspicious moment of joy, the Xenxo Team led an expert discussion on various views from the dignitaries, industrialists, visitors and the student’s community.

Wearables is undoubtedly the most fascinating tech in the world at present. We could proudly say that now it’s the time for smartest wearables. Could you ever have visualized and felt something that is smart and handheld? Life has become so smart as the world is your hands in the form of a ring with its most possible features.

It is not just a story what we are concocting in the smart wearable industry, our journey is real and will clasp the whole world for sure with Xenxo. Now join us to reveal the power of a smart wearable with Xenxo S-Ring.

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