Python Developer

Experience : 2+ years
Job Location : Chennai , India
Employee Status : Full-Time
Mandatory Skillset / Experience:

2+ Years of Experience in Coding in Python using libraries such as scikit-learn, Pandas, matplotlib, statsmodels and other machine learning / data science libraries

Very Good Proficiency on writing Applications using Python

Exposure to various Machine Learning and Data science concepts and algorithms

Developing Machine Learning algorithm for classifying user Health / Fitness Data

Developing Machine learning algorithm and analytical techniques for Pattern recognition.

Experienced in both Supervised Machine Learning & Reinforcement Learning

Developing mathematical models related to smart wearables application

Identify/ Provide approach and data to validate the model(s)

Tune the model(s) to improve results

Testing / Profiling the developed model and implement new features from data

Proficient in SQL databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and NoSQL databases like MongoDB

Skills that are considered as an added advantage:

Developing Python application for Business Analytics and Customer Insights

Regression based Predictive models for data forecast

Duties and Responsibilities:

To develop Python Back-end Applications for data storage, data retrieval and Processing

To develop algorithms for smart wearables which are primarily used for health and fitness parameters and gesture recognition

Creating / using a Profiler to validate model improvements

Identify and implement new features from given user data to improve data analysis

To work with Firmware engineers on implementing algorithms tested on python onto the Device Hardware using Embedded C

Documenting Code and Mathematical Models developed in Python


Domains like python development, Firmware Development, Embedded Engineering, Internship with stipend.

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