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Introducing Xenxo S-Ring

Jan 20, 2018
Here comes the mode of excitement rich Xenxo S-Ring

Smart wearables are undoubtedly the most interesting and favourite gadget in the list of most of the technology lovers. Smart wearables have been introduced to change the mode of usage of different gadgets in our day to day life. Many prefer to move to smart tools to make life easier and faster. Here comes a smart Ring to hit all other wearables with its stylish technology that brings safety to reality. We are proud to say that the first ever product that comes with zeal to protect life is Xenxo S-Ring.

Now, do not get tired of carrying all the important gadgets such as access cards, USB drive, Bluetooth headset, wallets, etc. Move on to the next draft of technology in your space. Xenxo S-Ring which has been established with 12 features such as Bluetooth calls, music control using gestures, NFC payment, to replace the existing gadgets that leave you carrying everything day to day. We, at Xenxo, are really excited to surprise you all with this meticulous piece of innovation at your hands.