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Got ramped over Indiegogo

May 26, 2018
Get blown away with its exciting offers.

Do you wanted to back our product, Xenxo S-Ring at Kickstarter Campaign, and you have missed out on the opportunity? We never want you to miss out on the opportunity at Indiegogo. Get blown away with its exciting offers, available now only on Indiegogo.

Xenxo is on the dream walk show now at Indiegogo. We successfully launched our first flag shipped product Xenxo S-Ring in Kickstarter platform and now we are more than excited with its launch in Indiegogo campaign, a continuation of the Kickstarter campaign. Xenxo S-ring is high on the floor and it looks pretty cool to see Xenxo on the Ramp, again. We really thank all our dear backers for their continuous love and support for your favourite Xenxo.