Health Care

Smart Patient Care System

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Let your Patients feel more secured
at your tech-enabled Smart Hospitals.

Advanced digital technology that holds the latest cutting-edge wireless design that leads
to an increase in coordination and facilitating the needs of the patients.


Wall Plug


Attender ID Card

Code Blue ID Card


Unbound from all average systems, you can now optimise your expense with zero cabling cost.
Get smarter with étiicos.


  • Wireless Nurse Calling System

  • Code Blue

  • Attender


  • No server nor cloud needed. 

  • Installs in under 5 minutes per room with zero disruption.

  • Zero-Cabling involved, all systems work perfectly wireless.

  • Save up to 60% of the actual cost for the overall installation.

  • Maximise the attention on primary care to code blue needs.

  • Suitable for every size hospital, few beds to over hundreds.

Are you ready to adapt to the
most reliable Smart Patient Care System
optimizing your revenue?