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Announcing P.B.C Paul as RMI's new CEO

Mar 22, 2019

We are really excited to announce that, P.B.C. Paul will be the new CEO of RajMall Inventives from now on.
Paul, a vibrant man of energy brings his 27 years of rich cross-functional experience in Health Care industry into RMI. He is very adept in dealing with sales and technical marketing, strategic planning, product promotion and launches, customer service operations, training and people management, experience across various fields with great skills in competitor and market analysis.

“I will work in bringing out the full potential of RMI’s initiatives, whose strength in technology and innovation will get acquainted more with business acumen on product sales and marketing. I believe my sharp experiences would lead the organization through the next stages”says Paul.

Vigneshwar KG, continues to be the Managing Director of RMI. He believes with ingenious teamwork, we could bring our vision into life together and our journey doesn’t end up with minimal efforts. There is a lot more to explore and experience.