It all started with passion,
now driving towards purpose.


We believed technology should
raise not restrain lifestyle.

The world is evolving—fast, which at all times need not be so pleasant. But there’s always a way to make it better. At RajMall Inventives, we’re exploring how the ethical use of technology can refrain from disaster but improve lifestyle. Rising to those challenges and getting there; demanded a fresh outlook towards the whole standard of deploying.

  • 2019 Xenxo S-Ring won the Public vote Award in 10th IoT/WT Innovation world cup held at Munich.
  • 2018 Our First 3000+ Customers/backers through Pre-Order in Kickstarter & Indiegogo.
  • 2017 Officially Incorporated our Firm.
  • 2016 Our First Prototype ring for testing basic features.
  • 2015 Initialize to Development & bring out more solutions in a ring form.
  • 2014 Our Prototype for Smart Shoe for Girl Safety.
  • 2013 Influenced to bring out Idea for Girl Safety.
  • 2012 Delhi Gang Rape Incident occurred.
Our Promise

The intention behind the initiatives signifies to the betterment of the society. Every value innovation from Rajmall Inventives will adhere to the wellbeing of the people. We’ll build effective and efficient technology-oriented solutions that help mankind embrace change.


P B C Paul

Chief Executive Officer

The brain box of business with 3 decades of expertise serving various Multinational companies. Actively heads the Sales & Marketing department with exceptional energy.

Vigneshwar KG

Chief Innovation Officer

The innovative enthusiast behind the show. As an inspiring Entrepreneur, he boosts the team to beat challenges that make the world even better.

Hari Hara Sudhan

Chief Product Officer

The technology geek – extremely passionate to explore new horizons. With more than a decade of experience, he heads the technology, product manufacturing team & process.

Ganesan RP


With 2 decades of proficiency in Business Administration, he is majorly responsible to initiate reliable growth strategy & competent solutions for the organization.

Our values system solidly rests on the cornerstone of ‘Class’

Customer Satisfaction

Ensuring that with each new product, we supersede the expectations of our internal & external customers and that of ourselves.


We believe in taking a prudent risk with courage in order that we can influence a better future for people.


While we will be driven to deliver the very best in all our endeavours, we also hold ourselves accountable for the consequent results.


We believe with synchronicity, synergy, deep collaboration and cross-pollination within our groups we will innovate in ways that others cannot.


We believe our success is defined by our pursuit of innovation, simplicity and technological breakthroughs that will empower each individual.